The stand design and construction is truly a challenge because of several factors. Firstly the stand has to be appealing to the public and more attractive than the competitors’ ones.

The design should correspond to the exhibition theme and be aimed to make people remember the company’s exhibit. It is recommendable to hire a professional designer to embody all ideas in the right light. The stand should act as a visual means of presenting the company and creating the first impression on visitors. The company’s logo, subject titles, graphics and colours are the main means of creating an initial impression and attracting visitors to the stand. The titles and pictures need to be clear and bright, create a strong appeal and motivate visitors to stop at the stand for a while. Photographs are highly recommended, as well as computer presentations and films. However, animation at the stand should be used sparingly, otherwise it may create the wrong impression. The golden rule is that the design should be integrated into the company’s overall image, maintain the trade show theme and send a particular message to visitors.

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